Saturday, March 26, 2016

Locust Grove Summer Camps take on Karate Theme

Looking for A Kids Summertime Activity ?

Parents just like you want to keep their kids Learning, Productive & Growing during Summer-time.
They can only go to the Pool, ride their bike and play VIDEO GAMES so much before they get bored or worse yet LAZY!

Watch the video below to learn more about our 5 star Martial Arts Kids Summer Time Camp...

Trouble viewing:
(Your Children will also receive a 14 Day FREE PASS to our Children Martial Arts Beginner Classes as a Bonus for enrolling in our Top Rated Summer Camps)
You may be thinking in your quest for the best Summer Activity for your child...

"There are so many activities for Kids to do during the summer"

Of course- there’s no shortage of options for you when it comes to activities. 
There are music camps, academic camps, daycares, sports camps and the list goes on. The biggest issue is that these camps lean too far to one side.
Here is what I mean…

Most programs lean totally toward the academics which results in bored kids with a bunch of stored up energy and frustration. 
You know where they’re going to let that out right?? 
When they get home!

Others lean totally toward the sports and don’t challenge the kids mentally. This approach makes it harder when back to school time comes around!

Other Summertime camps are just glorified baby-sitters where overall balance of mental & physical is lacking! 
Kids get bored fast, as you know.
And almost none of the Summertime Program for kids offers a balance of both.
And we also teach them something very special that only martial arts has a unique way of doing... 
How to FOCUS, How to be SELF DISCIPLINED and How to RESPECT others. 
How do we do it? 
The secret is - Kids love doing martial arts because it's FUN! 

Our Summer Program is a Clean, Safe and Fun Place for Your Child to learn some important Self Defense Skills but also valuable Life & Character Lessons that will give them an EDGE in Life.


Your child will learn crucial aspects about personal protection and basic skills in various martial arts but even more IMPORTANT they will learn about CONCENTRATION, SELF DISCIPLINE and HOW TO SET GOALS. 
 Not only will your Son or Daughter love learning the karate, they will also learn Character & Life skills that will change their life!  


Questions or would like to register for Your Child?

For fastest response please call us at (678) 583-1832 he will be happy to help get your child started and answer all of your questions.
SPACE is LIMITED- Our camps FILL UP FAST! Please call now or fill out the form below to get started.

Please Check 1 of the Boxes Below that Best Describes Your Area of Interest...


To learn more about Victory Martial Arts Summer-time Karate Camps

 Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to have the privilege to help your child with your parenting goals. Not a sports camp, not a academic camp - Our camps near Locust Grove GA combine Sport, Academic and Character training into a format that kids love and don't get bored!

Victory Martial Arts
396 Keys Ferry St.
McDonough, GA 30252

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lightsaber Training Greenfield Indiana

If your looking for a Fun, Exciting & New Activity for your Child... Light Saber School is For YOU!

Light sabers in action
Kids love light-saber training!

Lightsabers may be fantasy weapons straight out of the blockbuster Star Wars. However, Kingdom Saber School has developed a class that will make anyone feel like a Master with the popular laser sword.
Everyone knows how Children pick up a stick and pretend like their sword fighting...hopefully not in the house =-) 
 Now, Kids can learn the "way of the Light-Saber" in a Safe, Fun and Exciting class
 Lessons are taught by instructors that are Skilled, Patient and Know How to Make it FUN!   

Kids lessons for lightsabers

Your Kids Will Have Fun and Learn Important Character Lessons!

 Not only will your Kids learn fun skills with our Safety Sabers that we provide, but they will also learn the "basics of stage combat", "real life sword techniques" and the "LightSabers Code of Conduct
It's practically impossible not to the smile the first time you hold a light saber or work on blocking and striking drills. 
While the lightsaber does not exist as it does in the movies, the concepts are grounded in real life sword play and martial arts concepts. 
Beyond the practical, we also promote an element of fantasy with our choreographed routines and duels. Throughout any of these activities, you will find a challenging workout unlike any gym. No Experience is needed nor do you need to be athletic in any way, just willing to have fun. At its heart, this Workshop is all about fun.  

It's perfect for kids 8 & up and Parents often join in on the fun also and welcomed to do so!

How Do I Register My Child for the Next FREE Light Sabers Beginners Workshop...

It's EASY!

Just fill out the the form below. This FREE workshop is 60 minutes of fun, exciting and safe learning that your child will love.

Spots for March Friday & Saturday Workshops still available but filling fast.


 ***Please keep in mind that these Free Lightsaber Workshops fill up fast with families, to avoid delays please fill out the form above now.

Sabers of light demo

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hancock County IN Kids Karate School Reviewed

This May Be The Best Children's Martial Arts Classes Near Indy for Classes.

No Doubt You Want Your Kids To Have the Tools to Be Safe and Succeed In Life.

Discover what other Parents just like you are doing to give their Children and Edge on Life & their Kids Love it too!

Most parents KNOW that kids love martial arts.

What SURPRISES them the most once their children have started training is Remarkable.

In fact, there is no other activity that teaches FOCUS, SELF DISCIPLINE and RESPECT the way Karate classes do.

Some kids from Henry County actually have come back after High School to share with us that the lessons they learned at our gym about FOCUS AND SELF DISCIPLE helped them to earn their degrees with high honors, all from taking our Classes.  


Read What Greenfield, Knightstown & Fountaintown & Surrounding area Parents Are Saying About us !


"Our Boy has participated his Self Confidence and Esteem has increased exponentially and He is Proud to be Himself."
Kids karate Review Greenfield 
"My son has been here 3 months and I would recommend Kingdom!!"
 Martial Arts Greenfield Childrens Review 2
What Are You Waiting For? Try Our FREE 14 Day Beginners Boys/Girls Introductory Trial For Ages 4-12, Just Fill Out the Form Below...
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The Worries that your children face today are many:
  • Peer Pressure at school
  • Constant Distractions from Social Media
  • The Anxiety to fit in with others
  • The constant barrage of their self esteem by others or siblings
That's Why Parents are now Enrolling their Kids In Mixed Martial Arts lessons more now than ever before.
You see, at Kingdom Martial Arts we see ourselves as not only Instructors, we also see ourselves As mentors for young boys and girls helping them to reach their potential.

Most people have seen "KARATE Kid" movie either Old School or New School. At Kingdom, we strive for the each student to have That irreplaceable mentor ship that teaches lessons for both in the realm of self defense And Life.

We help youth girls & boys to become FOCUSED, SELF CONTROLLED AND RESPECTFUL in a fun way that leaves them motivated for each new class.

Yes, we teach them how to effectively handle an abduction scenario and anti bullying techniques to keep them safe. But equally important we teach them to not BE the bully, but find ambition in setting new goals and reaching them while maintaining humility.


Here is What World Renowned Child Psychologist Dr.Ruth Peters said About Kids Doing Karate Type Training.

"World renowned child psychologist Dr. Ruth Peters (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS Good Morning, NBC's Today, CNN Morning News, MSNBC and Lifetime Live) recommends sending children with ADHD and other behavioral and discipline problems to a martial arts school to increase their focus, concentrate better, and have more self-control." She goes on to say: “I believe that martial art training is one of the best activities a child can participate in to build confidence, self-esteem, and discipline.Article source

Here is another study on the effects of martial art training lessons conducted by several Doctors: "Results of this study were determined by a comparison between pre scores and post scores on the rating scale. Martial Arts was proven to increase percentage of homework completion, academic performance, and percentage of classroom preparation while decreasing the number of classroom rules broken and times inappropriately leaving the seat. This study lends empirical support to martial arts as a positive intervention for children with AD/HD. Results of the study are discussed in terms of future interventions in the physical education classroom or in a private setting to help children control symptoms associated with AD/HD." Source link
Bottom Line - We Help Parents Develop Rock Solid Kids!
We do this all in a safe, clean and fun environment that will INSPIRE your children to get Off the devices and get Active and Productive!
Were Going To Make It Simple to Try our No Risk FREE 14 Day Beginners Introductory Program at our school. Just fill out the form below...  
Please Check 1 of the Boxes Below that Best Describes Your Area of Interest...
  We also provide the unique option to train WITH you child or just have them take the class. Classes are forming now so don't delay!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Martial Arts School in Des PlainesIL-Top Rated-FindBlackBeltsNearMe

Des Plaines Illinois is filled with great places to train Martial Arts for the absolute beginner to a seasoned pro.

In fact, the entire surrounding areas have much to offer if your looking to find a place to take class.
Below is the google map of the area so you can get a feel of what is around the 60016 zip.

Our recommended Black Belt school for this area would be Victory Martial Arts. Victory offers a FREE 14 Day Beginner Trail Program (If you have experience it still would apply to you).
Give Victory MMA gyms a call - (224)345 9490

This gym has many PRO's going for it.

The Instructors are world class not only in skill in things like mixed martial arts, kickboxing and self Defense. They are also experts at teaching students to become proficient fast and get in phenomenal shape in the process.

Here is a video link to the link for the main program:

The atmosphere is definitely a plus as many times you enter a dojo or school and find huge egos or intimidating dudes or even ladies for that matter. I have visited many of the Victory Gyms in the suburbs of Chicago and have always found a great learning environment and other friendly students. In fact, some of my best friends for years have come from this incredibly motivating place to train.

VIctory MMA - Inspire
Taken from VMAA's Facebook page

The actual curriculum was designed by 30 Year Martial Arts Researcher and Black Belt Instructor Dion Riccardo.

He says..." Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do became the foundation for my study in the martial arts. The reason is that Bruce Lee was the first martial artist to come out and say that its ok to learn more than one martial arts in fact it is wise as everyone has different body types and preferences so what will work for one person does not always work for another. This made me passionate about researching and learning many styles of martial arts covering every aspect. I created this curriculium in a organized way that helps the individual work with thier strength and use techniques best suited for them."

You can learn Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling and Kids classes in karate too.

Here is a video on the Kick-Boxing programs available:

You can get in great shape and learn the basics in this class!

Adults love these 1 hour sessions that are great for both the person looking to get their Bodies in Rock Solid Shape or for the person who wants to compete in Combat Sports and Challenge themselves.

You may also be interested in the grappling class which includes BJJ, Shooto, Sambo,Judo, Wrestling and more. This program is perfect for adults that want to learn solid Self Defense Skills, Get Lean, Fit and Flexible!

Here is Tweet with Video for Karate for Kids:

If your looking for kids Karate lessons you may also want to check out the 14 Day Trial they offer for their kids program. I think the major things that I saw that was being taught was coaches were helping kids to focus better. It was amazing to see the kids and how they responded to the coach. Their attention was completely focused on the instruction and what was being done in class. I saw this as a huge benefit from a parent's perspective. It looks like they have been working with children for a long time! 

Below is a quick reference to the various training class videos they offer with video reviews from some of the students.

You can find out more about Victory Martial Arts Academy by checking out their Pintrest:

Follow Victory Martial Arts Academies-Chicago & Suburbs's board Victory Martial Arts Des Plaines Illinois on Pinterest.

If your interested in trying this school to start training fill out the form below and a student director will call you within 48 hours to answer your questions and offer you the 14 Day Beginners Trial for any of their award winning classes.